Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jacob Ostreicher Update: Can Congress Get the State Department to Step Up?

I am relieved that so many of our friends and other elected officials have gotten involved with Jacob Ostreicher's case. Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey is currently in Bolivia advocating for Jacob and Congressman Bob Turner appeared with Miriam Ostreicher on Fox News this morning to discuss yesterday's hearing in Bolivia which was, unfortunately, postponed yet again. You can watch that Fox News report here.

Congressman Bob Turner and Congressman Chris Smith discussing Ostreicher situation before Congress
"Jacob Ostreicher, husband, father and grandfather has been unlawfully imprisoned in Bolivia for nearly a year, without being charged," Congressman Turner told Congress's Foreign Affairs Subcommittee last week. "He lives in a ‘prison town’ where the guards monitor the exterior but, internally there is no supervision – a condition which puts Jacob in fear for his life daily.  He needs medical attention, but has repeatedly been denied it."

My office is in constant contact with Miriam Ostreicher as we maintain our commitment to bringing Jacob home as soon as possible. Toward that end, we have arranged addition meetings with more elected officials for Mrs. Ostreicher over the next week, which will be announced as they occur. The point in all of these meetings is to have other elected officials adopt the Ostreicher's cause as their own--just as we have. And, sooner than later, see the State Department do the same.

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