Thursday, March 7, 2013


Assemblyman Hikind discusses the importance of destroying personal, sensitive documents.
There was an impressive turnout of community members at the free shredding event hosted by Assemblyman Dov Hikind last Sunday, March 3, at the Boro Park Y. For four hours, community members from all over Boro Park arrived with cartons full of sensitive documents. Hikind’s staff members were on hand to assist elderly and other residents with anything that had to be lifted or carried. The actual document shredding was performed by Shred Up Inc., 911 East 18 St., Brooklyn.

“The internet age has made identity theft more prevalent than ever before,” said the Assemblyman. “For years, I’ve warned our community to be extremely careful with their personal documents because sophisticated thieves will go through garbage cans looking for account numbers and other information.”
The success of this event will likely lead to another shredding opportunity in Flatbush, said Assemblyman Hikind.

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