Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Endorsement for NYC Mayor

Not surprisingly there are rumors going around regarding who I will support for NYC’s next mayor. While the attention to my endorsement is flattering, it should be known that my endorsements of any candidates have never had anything to do with politics. I have only endorsed candidates who I personally felt would be best for our community and the issues that are most important to us.

With regards to Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson (listed here alphabetically, or by height if you prefer) I believe both of these men would be great for the Jewish community. They are both men of excellent character and I have enjoyed both a personal and professional relationship with each of them.

Bill de Blasio and I met when he was running Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senate. We had the opportunity then to talk about my commitment to the Jewish people, to Israel, and to the issues that were vital to our community. From that day on, Bill and I have continued building a deep friendship.

Bill Thompson and I go back even further—more than 30 years. I’ve known his family, his father Judge William Thompson Sr., and I have always had immense respect for Bill’s opinions and his commitment to doing the right thing.

With both of these men, our differences have never mattered as much as our common ground. With both men, the Jewish community has received and will continue to receive respect and sensitivity to the issues that matter to us. Time and again, both have stood with me on important matters facing our city and our community. Both have worked with me to combat anti-Semitism and racism. Both have sat at my Shabbos table with their families and mine.

Bill de Blasio is sensitive to the issues that we care about. So is Bill Thompson. Either man would make an excellent, caring, responsible mayor and choosing one over the other will be a very difficult task for me.

But whoever wins the election, our community wins.

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