Friday, October 4, 2013

Holocaust Denier Shutdown by Banks

David Irving, the well known 75-year-old Holocaust denier and self-promoter, sent out a letter to his followers from his office in Windsor, England today acknowledging that our efforts to stop him from spreading his lies and hate have been successful.

“If you attempted within the last few weeks to register for my talk on the Hess mystery, or to buy a book, on our online bookstore using a major credit card, you may have found your card ‘refused,’” writes Irving. He explains to his followers that his merchant service provider pulled their contractual agreement with him as a result of my efforts.

Once again, I salute the executives at MasterCard for stepping up to this issue at my behest and following through. I intend to maintain the pressure on the major credit card companies to be vigilant in distancing themselves from those who spread hate and attempt to rewrite history for the own purposes.

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