Thursday, January 16, 2014

Philly Has Thicker Muni-Meter Receipts, Too

Assemblyman Hikind and Meir Birnhack compare NY and Philadelphia muni-meter receipts
We had wonderful responses to our request from the Department of Transportation for thicker muni-meter receipts. In fact, Meir Birnhack, a community askan (activist) visited my office today after returning from a trip to Philadelphia with muni-meter receipts from that city that are also much thicker and more practical than the flimsy, problematic receipts in New York City. My sincere thanks to Meir for sharing these tickets with us. In turn, we are sharing them with the New York D.O.T.

Philadephia's muni-meter receipts are thicker and also easier to read than New York's

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