Friday, March 2, 2012

Applauding Bob Turner's TEACH Act of 2012

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) today introduced the Tax and Education Assistance for Children (TEACH) Act of 2012. The bill will provide a tax credit of up to $5,000 for families who send their children to private schools and eliminate “double taxation” on parents who send their children to non-public schools.

Dov Hikind applauded the bill. “A tax credit for families paying for private schooling is not only fair, but long overdue,” said the Assemblyman. “Rising budgets were always a reality, but their impact during this economic downturn have been devastating. Private schools are suffering and parents are suffering. Regardless, parents should be allowed to provide the best and most meaningful education to their children—and to receive fair and appropriate relief from the government. I applaud Congressman Turner for recognizing how many parents will be aided by this bill and championing this important issue. This bill will benefit everyone.”

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