Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Your World w/ Neil Cavuto...and Dov Hikind"

The following are excerpts from Dov's recent (March 5) appearance on "Your World w/ Neil Cavuto:

CAVUTO: President Obama today is saying that he will always have Israel's back. Our next guest, though, is not so sure. And he is a Democrat. New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind joins me right now. So, Assemblyman, you are concerned that this isn't quite what it appears?

HIKIND: You know, having the president say that he has Israel's back makes me very, very nervous. There's the Barack Obama of the campaign season and there's the Barack Obama of the first three years. And [during] those first three years, the relationship between the prime minister of Israel and the president, and the people of Israel and the president, has been a very, very poor one. I can't forget 2010, when the prime minister of Israel came to the White House and was treated miserably -- was treated worse than any dictator of a Third World country: no pictures, brought through the back of the White House... We don't forget those things.

CAVUTO: Obviously, they realized how stupid that was, the White House, and they have tried to change their approach. But you don't buy it.

HIKIND: I don't buy it at all... I'm looking at the president when he was carrying out the policy over the first three years. And the relationship was a terrible, terrible one. And now, with the situation with Iran -- let me just say, when the president of the United States has to tell the world, "I don't bluff -- I really, really mean it," we are in a lot of trouble. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying something like that to the old Soviet Union? The fact is, I don't buy it. I think most people in my community, Democrats, don't buy it... The speech of the president to AIPAC [was] a great speech. The president makes great speeches. But it's not about speeches, as he says, not about words. It's about his behavior, the way he treated Israel during those first three years. President Obama is responsible for the end of the peace process, because he set a new standard during his first few months as president, when he said that Israel could not build anything in Judea, Samaria, the West Bank. Not even Jimmy Carter did that.

CAVUTO: But then he dialed it back by slowing the Palestinians on in this homeland, in this statehood when they were making the move in the United Nations. So you don't buy that, that that was a real agenda?

HIKIND: Well, again, it's called campaign season.


HIKIND: The Turner election in New York in a Democratic district sent a powerful message... None of us are fooled by the president.

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