Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nissan: You Can't Be A Little Pregnant! Stop Undermining Sanctions Against Iran

With Bill de Blasio (photo courtesy of Colin Campbell)

I joined Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Iran180 and United Against Nuclear Iran at a press conference today in NYC demanding that Nissan—the winner of a $1 billion contract to manufacture NYC’s “Taxi of Tomorrow”—stop conducting business in Iran. Nissan sells roughly 7,500 vehicles a year in Iran and has been placed on Public Advocate de Blasio’s “Iran Watch List,” a new campaign targeting companies that do business with Iran and undermine economic sanctions.

It is shameful and unconscionable for Nissan to undermine sanctions against Iran by doing business with them. It’s clear that Ahmadinejad, the little Hitler, must be stopped from developing a nuclear weapon at all costs, but by continuing to do business with Iran, Nissan makes it that much easier for Ahmadinejad to pursue his nefarious goal. We demand that Nissan stop playing games and fully uphold the sanctions against this terrorist state.

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