Friday, January 4, 2013

Child Abuse in the Jewish Community: Have We Made Progress? Part II

Last week’s show with psychologist Dr. David Pelcovitz was extremely well-received by our listeners. This Saturday night, we continue looking at child abuse in our community with a number of guests who promise to bring informative, thought-provoking conversation:
Ezra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, who recently penned an Op Ed for the Forward regarding the need for our community to confront child abuse.

Chaya Mermerstein, a clinical social worker in the Psychology Department at Beth Israel Hospital and one of the heads of the SOVRI hotline for abuse victims.

Cheryl Friedman, a social worker in the Emergency Center and Victim Services at Beth Israel Hospital who is also active with SOVRI.

Pinny Taub, an outspoken community member on the subject of child abuse.

The Dov Hikind Show, WMCA-570 AM, every Saturday night at 11 pm. 

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