Thursday, January 10, 2013

Four Generations Celebrate Centential Birthday

I was delighted to attend a special celebration with one of my most important constituents today! Margaret Freed turned 100 and it was my great pleasure to present her with a citation in the presence of her family.

Whereas, a Great State is only as great as those persons who give exemplary service to their community, and Margaret Freed, who overcame insurmountable hardships during the Holocaust has served her community well as a dedicated member of the Boro Park Senior Center for over twenty-five years, and

Whereas, Margaret Freed enriched her life and the lives of others as a “Foster Grandmother” in the New York City Department for Aging Intergenerational Program through her work with inner-city high school students; and

Whereas, Margaret Freed was honored by the Mayor of the City of New York as an “Outstanding Woman of the Year” in appreciation of her dedication and devotion to others; and

Whereas, Margaret Freed has reached the zenith of love and devotion by all those who know and admire her; and

Whereas, Margaret Freed has reached the milestone of her One-Hundredth birthday on January Tenth, Two Thousand Thirteen, and her dedicated service deserves to be recognized, now therefore be it

Resolved, that as a duly elected Member of the State Assembly of  New York, I recognize that


Is an outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both my District and the great State of New York, and it is my pleasure to wish her a very Happy Birthday, and many more happy and health ones!

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