Monday, May 20, 2013


This weekend, the print edition of City & State, a publication that’s read and respected by all elected officials, published a disturbing story about the website YeshivaWorldNews and its political commentator Dov Gordon. City & State revealed that Mr. Gordon, who has praised NYC Councilman David Greenfield in the most glowing terms for three years, is, according to several sources close to the Councilman, none other than David Greenfield himself.

Councilman Greenfield refused to speak with City & State regarding this matter. Instead, he issued a statement through a spokesperson denying the allegations and attacking the witnesses, which included his former chief of staff and campaign manager.

On Saturday evening, on my radio show, I invited Councilman Greenfield to come on my show to clear up this matter once and for all. If he is not connected to the “Dov Gordon” Back Room Deals column that has been responsible for endless character assassination upon not only myself but other elected officials; if he is not behind three years of endless adoration ad nauseam regarding his own performance as an elected official, then Councilman Greenfield should have no problem discussing these charges brought by City & State and his former staff members. If it is actually someone else paying YeshivaWorldNews to attack community members and organizations, such as Agudath Israel of America, then David Greenfield should be as eager as I am to bring the truth to light.

David Greenfield has been a guest on my show before. I reiterate my invitation to do so again. The opportunity to sit and discuss this matter as our constituents listen in should hold no fear.

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