Thursday, May 23, 2013

YeshivaWorldNews: Not Yeshivish. Not News.

It has come to my attention that YeshivaWorldNews is up to its old tricks. It’s not difficult to create new names, new “Dov Gordons” and to even get someone to now claim responsibility for what they will write. There are people who, sadly, will do anything for money.

The YeshivaWorldNews scandal site is now targeting Chaim Israel of Agudas Israel in anticipation of a possible primary run against David Greenfield. They will create rumors and, sadly, sink to any depths to achieve their agenda which has nothing to do with informing Haredim of genuine news.

I do not respond to YeshivaWorldNews or its illiterate graffiti artists who masquerade as reporters. But I want to make it clear to anyone who is interested that I have not endorsed anyone nor encouraged anyone to run in any forthcoming elections.

I have never been shy about stating what’s on my mind nor praising those that deserve praise. I have never shied away from defending my community or the ideals that we hold dear. If I want to endorse someone, I will certainly do so here and to legitimate media outlets, as I have always done.

Dov Hikind
Member of Assembly

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