Friday, May 11, 2012

Demanding Justice for Jacob Ostreicher

It has been a week since nearly 500 of us stood together in front of the Bolivian Mission to the United Nations demanding justice for Jacob Ostreicher. If he Bolivian government believes that was this issue’s 15 minutes of fame, they are sorely mistaken. We are just getting started.

My staff and I met with Jacob’s wife Miriam today to discuss next steps. There will certainly be many next steps and the Ostreicher family needs and deserves your support as these steps are taken.

Eleven months behind bars without being charged for a crime. The thought boggles the mind. There but for the grace of G-d goes any of us who travel or do business in a country that lacks the laws and justice system of the United States. None of us can sleep easy while this terrible injustice continues.

Keep an eye on this blog and on the website set up to free Jacob Ostreicher so you can keep posted on what’s being done and how you can help. Your prayers and your signature on the petition to free Jacob will go a long way in this battle. And when we rally on Jacob’s behalf again, we’re sure we'll see you there!

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