Tuesday, May 22, 2012


U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (left) and Assemblyman Dov Hikind meet with Miriam Ostreicher to discuss Jacob Ostreicher's situation

At the urging of Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) met with Miriam Ostreicher and the Assemblyman Hikind on Sunday morning to discuss the plight of Jacob Ostreicher, a Borough Park resident who has been held in a Bolivian prison for nearly one year without being charged with a crime.

Senator Gillibrand, who has been following the situation since its inception, expressed her concern over Jacob Ostreicher’s health, which has been deteriorating since taking upon himself a hunger strike to bring further attention to his plight. The Senator made her commitment to help resolve Jacob Ostreicher's horrendous situation clear to Mrs. Ostreicher and Assemblyman Hikind as the three discussed next steps.

Assemblyman Hikind continues to seek support for Ostreicher from elected officials and urges everyone to do their utmost in helping to bring Jacob Ostreicher home quickly and safely. He urges everyone to sign the petition to free Jacob Ostreicher and to spread the story of his incarceration through their own networks, places of worship and social media.

Visit FreeJacobNow.com to sign the petition.

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