Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jacob Ostreicher's Plight Is Our Own

Jacob Ostreicher, a U.S. Citizen, has been illegally detained by Bolivian prosecutors in Palmasola Prison, Santa Cruz for 11 months. This is unacceptable.
photo (c) 2012 Yehudah Meth

Attempts at quiet diplomacy have only brought frustration to this man's family and the time has come to do more. Hundreds of people from Borough Park and Williamsburg turned out today at the Bolivian Mission to the United Nations to speak out against this terrifying injustice.

Jacob Ostreicher has not been charged with a crime. We cannot stand silently by and allow this to continue. I am calling upon Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the State Department, and President Obama to stop ignoring the plight of this U.S. citizen. Are American lives so cheap that any of us can get snatched by a foreign country while our own government turns a blind eye? I say no!
photo (c) 2012 Yehudah Meth
photo (c) 2012 Yehudah Meth

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